Our Spring 2007 Release
America Misunderstood
What a Second Bush Victory Meant to the Rest
of the World.
Find out who contributed to this book

No other book captures such diverse opinions on this
hot topic. Find out which prestigious journalists from
around the globe contributed to this fascinating book.

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More than 40 journalists and cartoonists from
around the globe have contributed to this book.
The book also carries 2006 Nobel Laureate Harold
Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech.
With a fitting epilogue chronicling the reaction to
2006 mid-term election results, the book couldn't
be more interesting.
The book also decrypts complex American voter
behaviors which will demistify the dynamics of
every future election campaign.
DivineTree Publications
This rare book brings global journalists together to find
an answer to a very important question:
How Can We Understand the World Mindset Better and
Bring America Closer to the Rest of the World?
Universities and Historians

This important book is a "must have" for any serious
political library . The priceless write-ups will immensely
help research projects involving International Affairs,
American Election Dynamics and Bush Presidency.